Monthly Archives: May 2018

Africa, my Africa

The Africa I remember had a six month dry season where, in early November the thunderclouds built and a heavy deluge would descend twice a day, punctuated by hot humid temperatures. The dramatic sky in this piece gives a feeling of the sultry conditions and the lush greenery only a few days after the first rains. 


Within a month the transformation to the savannah  is startling with colour and rich greenery erupting everywhere. The animals disappear within the deep undergrowth, glimpsed briefly as they move within it grazing on its abundance.


New York moods

Travelling to New York on three separate occasions I experienced the city pre and post 911. Displaying so many different moods, the feeling of the city 17 years on is of positivity mixed with the darkness of the events. These works depict the vibrancy and darker side reflecting the courage of the people and resilience of the place.


Memories of Central Park, and it’s vast area of green in the heart of all the concrete, canyons of Manhattan.


Empire State in the early morning mist of a chilly October day.


The iconic yellow cab and high rise concrete sprawl, it’s vibrant colour amongst the glass and concrete.